Towards a paradigm shift in the Customer Data Platforms market

Customer Data Platforms or CDPs are very popular these days. The term “CDP” designates different things: “pure player” solutions, CRM, and Marketing tools that have skilfully taken up the term. There’s probably a trend around the expression “CDP,” but this surface agitation hides a real underlying movement. More than ever, businesses should better leverage customer […]

Reverse ETL – Definition & analysis of this new category of tools

ETL (or ELT) solutions allow you to extract data from different applications and put it into a data warehouse. Reverse ETL processes, on the other hand, allow you to extract data from the data warehouse to feed all sorts of applications: CRM, advertising tools, customer service, etc. The potential is enormous; reverse ETLs allow you […]

Why do we launch Octolis?

We are delighted to announce the official launch of Octolis in January 2022. To avoid the disappointment experienced by the creator of that labyrinth, we have based the development of Octolis on our clients’ feedback. We’ve had customers using the product’s first version for almost a year now, including major brands like KFC and Le […]