CRM vs. CDP: the limitations of using a CRM as your main customer base

The CRM solution has long been used as the main customer base by companies. The CRM software, whether “Sales” CRM like Salesforce, or a “Marketing” CRM like Splio or Adobe Campaign, was used both as a customer base and as a customer relationship management tool. Then a new family of software appeared: the Customer Data […]

Data Analytics: How Much Does It Cost for a Small/Mid-Sized Company?

Small-mid-sized companies can expect to spend anywhere between $10,000 to $100,000 per year to do data analytics. The amount you will pay depends on the number of employees and your business needs. However, companies should set aside approximately 2-6% of their total budget for data analytics. Data analytics is no longer a thing for only […]

How to hire your first data analyst?

Businesses deal with a ton of data every day. They use data to identify inefficiencies, opportunities, and more. However, when aggregated, data is raw and meaningless. It is insight from aggregated data that is meaningful to organizations. A data analyst turns raw data into valuable insights that businesses need to make critical decisions.  However, hiring […]

LTV – Definition, calculation, and use cases of Lifetime Value

There is a huge paradox around lifetime value: it is undoubtedly the essential business indicator, especially in e-commerce…but only a minority of businesses use it.  According to an English study, only 34% of marketers say they know what lifetime value means. When you realize everything you can do with this indicator, it’s to die for. […]

9 customer segmentation examples and methods

Customer segmentation is a very powerful tool, but the reality is that few marketers use it properly. It’s not enough to play with a few filters in Mailchimp or Salesforce. Customer segmentation is a complex process that requires a clear vision of the marketing objectives, the key personalization axes, the methodology for monitoring segmentation incremental […]

Customer scoring: Definition, examples, and method in 5 steps

Customer scoring helps you prioritize your marketing budgets for the customers most likely to buy. It also helps segment your customer file better to obtain greater performance in your campaigns. For instance, it will help you identify your most persuasive promoters and make them your champions. In this article, we present 3 concrete examples of […]

Focus on Segment’s limitations and the best alternatives

While Segment is a powerful and relevant DMP and/or CDP solution, it is not the most appropriate for all business models. The reason? Prices climb pretty quickly, especially for B2C players; the lack of an independent database and the rigidity of the data model limits your ability to strengthen your business intelligence. Why are alternatives […]

Why is it important to keep control of customer data?

Are you sure you have control over your customer data? If you’re reading these lines, a doubt probably assails you. And you’re right to doubt it because you may not be in control of your data. Suppose your customers’ data are stored in your software (CRM, CDP, Marketing Automation). In that case, you don’t have […]

Definition and analysis of Modern Stack Data

A Data Engineer cryopreserved in 2010 and woken up by mischief today would no longer understand much about modern stack data. Remember, in only a few years, the way of collecting, extracting, transporting, storing, preparing, transforming, redistributing, and activating data has completely changed. We changed the world, and opportunities to generate business through data have […]