Track the performance of my product catalog

With Octolis, you have complete reporting to analyze the performance of your products.
For each product, and for each product category, you will have all performance indicators:

  • Number of sales
  • Number of customers
  • Number of first buyers (= customers of which this product is the first purchase)
  • Number of recurring customers
  • Ca / Total marge
  • And many other indicators

In addition to product performance, we offer synthetic reporting with:

  • The categories that perform in terms of turnover and margin
  • Main call products
  • Call products that generate recurring buyers
  • Products that generate little margin and few recurring buyers
  • etc.

Identify appealing products

There are several interests to identify your appealing products, and understand the role they play:

  • highlight the products likely to generate a first purchase
  • Even more valuize call products likely to generate recurring buyers
  • Devalurate the low -margin products that do not play the role of call products (or do not generate recurring customers)

With Octolis, you have complete reporting with:

  • Product classification according to the ratio number of first sales / number of sales
  • The list of the main call products by product category
  • The number of recurring customers generated by your call products
  • CA and the cumulative margin generated by your call products
  • etc.

This report is updated in real time, it is available in Octolis or Google Spreadsheet.

Measure the LTV / CAC ratio by product

The LTV / CAC ratio is a powerful analysis tool, which can be calculated in terms of customers or products. The objective is to compare the level of turnover generated compared to the acquisition cost.

Applied to a product level, this ratio makes it possible to identify the products that deserve to be more valued because the LTV / CAC ratio is high. Conversely, this also makes it possible to devalue (or even delete) the products whose LTV / CAC ratio is not good.

To calculate this ratio, it is customary to define:

  • LTV (= lifetime value, or life value in French) as the total turnover on this product.
  • CAC as the sum of spending in marketing campaigns whose destination page is the product page. This requires recovering the acquisition costs of ADS campaigns by destination page.

Thanks to Octolis, you have turnkey reporting with the LTV / CAC ratio calculated for each product, and each product category.

This table can be synchronized live in Google Spreadsheet to be easily shared and handled by anyone.

Remove products that are not in stock from featureds offers

It is a frequent challenge in e-commerce, especially during holiday periods / sales.
When you put forward popular or recommended products, you must ensure that the level of stock is sufficient to prevent the customer from arriving on a product that is no longer available or with too long delivery time.

The solution is simple in appearance, but often complex in practice.
The products recommended on the website or by email must have a sufficient level of stock.

With Octolis, you can recover the stock level of each product in almost real time from your CMS ECOMMERCE (or ERP or WMS), and send this information to your various tools.
In your emailing tool for example, you will be able to list the top 3 popular products whose level of stock exceeds a certain threshold.