Offer a discount to unhappy customers

To improve your customer satisfaction, you still need to know who your unhappy customers are.

Thanks to Octolis, you can easily identify unhappy customers from customer service tickets, and offer them a gesture.

In concrete terms, how does that work ?
1. You connect your customer service tool (Zendesk, Freshdesk, ..) to Octolis.
2. For each Insvidu, you add calculated fields based on customer service data for example: number of tickets over the last x days, list of contact reasons, status of the last ticket, average of the notes associated with each ticket , etc.
3. You create a score to assess the level of satisfaction. Generally, we make a tailor -made score that combines parameters such as contact and notes.
4. You send the “level of satisfaction” score to your marketing tools.
5. You create a marketing automation scenario to send an offer (or just a word) to all customers whose level of satisfaction is less than X. The scenario must be triggered only once.

It is also possible to synchronize this list of unhappy customers with other tools. From Octolis, you can supply for example a Google Spreadsheet which can be used to call unhappy customers.

Enrich customer service files with as much information as possible

There are several interests to allow people in charge of customer service to have information on the customers who contact them.

  • Improve the relevance of responses.
  • Save time by avoiding opening 3 tools in parallel.
  • Proriger the tickets of new customers, or large customers, etc.

With Octolis, you can very easily enrich your customer service tool (Zendesk, Freshdesk, etc.).

For each incoming ticket, you will have additional information, for example:

  • List of the latest purchases made
  • Date of the last website visit
  • Customer value segment, is it a small, medium or large customer
  • Potential churn risk

It’s very easy to set up from Octolis.
In a few clicks, you can create calculated fields and send them to the customer service tool.

Prioritize customer tickets smartly

The reactivity of customer service has a significant impact on customer satisfaction. In the real life, there are always moments (holidays, mondays, etc.) where customer service is overloaded, which can annoy some already unhappy customers.

The key is to intelligently prioritize customer tickets.
For that, Octolis can make life easier.

From the Octolis interface, you can calculate a prioritization score for customer tickets, and synchronize it in Zendesk or equivalent.

It is actually a client prioritization score, and incoming tickets are classified according to this score. The idea is to prioritize the tickets of customers whose satisfaction we absolutely want to improve, for example:

  • Large recurring customers
  • Potential churners
  • New customers to create a good experience from the start

Analyze why customers interact with customer service

Customer service data is a gold mine to understand the frustrations of your customers, and follow the impact of your initiatives.

Octolis allows you to recover customer service data, cross it with CRM data and purchase data to produce a complete analysis.

What does the analysis of interaction reasons with customer service contain?

  • Distribution of interaction reasons in time
  • Analysis by cohorts of volume and nature of tickets
  • Correlation between interaction reasons and product categories
  • Analysis of the interaction reasons for large recurring customers with high potential