Adjust marketing pressure per contact

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Marketing pressure is measured through the number of messages sent to your contacts over a given period. With increasingly multichannel marketing, it is obviously more and more difficult to measure and adjust the level of marketing pressure.

With Octolis, it becomes much simpler.
For each contact, you will have new columns in your marketing tools to know:

  • How many messages he received: emails, sms, letters, etc.
  • How many messages have obtained a return: opening, click, response, etc.
  • To what extent is the contact is “over-pressure” or “under pressure” compared to the others in order to adjust the level of future pressure.
  • To what extent contact reacts well to an increase in marketing pressure. In other words, if I continue to send him messages, do I have a chance to generate more feedback, or on the contrary to generate a unsubscription.

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