Display a commercial offer on the site for “VIP” customers

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Some customers deserve special attention. Ideally, not only by email, but on all channels, including your website.
Concretely, if a large customer connects to your website, it may be relevant to display a specific message, to offer him a discount or a special offer.

To set up this type of customization, you need:
1. Segment your customer base to identify so -called “VIP” customers.
2. Allow your website to easily recover the segment of each customer when identified.
3. Display a specific message or offer for the VIP customer segment.

With Octolis, you will have a turnkey solution to send the first two points.

  • It is very easy to perform a segmentation based on all your data sources. To identify the VIP customer segment, many rely on RFM segmentation, but it can be another approach.
  • Your website can question the octolis API in real time to recover the customer segment (and other information potentially).
  • For the display of the personalized message, you have to pass “on-site” or “on-site” personalization “tools. We can cite tools like optinmonster for simple things, or beyable, ab tasty or kameleoon for more advanced needs.

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