Enrich customer service files with as much information as possible

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There are several interests to allow people in charge of customer service to have information on the customers who contact them.

  • Improve the relevance of responses.
  • Save time by avoiding opening 3 tools in parallel.
  • Proriger the tickets of new customers, or large customers, etc.

With Octolis, you can very easily enrich your customer service tool (Zendesk, Freshdesk, etc.).

For each incoming ticket, you will have additional information, for example:

  • List of the latest purchases made
  • Date of the last website visit
  • Customer value segment, is it a small, medium or large customer
  • Potential churn risk

It’s very easy to set up from Octolis.
In a few clicks, you can create calculated fields and send them to the customer service tool.

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