Personalize emails with recommended products

  • Retention

The objective is to know for each customer which products are most likely to generate a new order. The product recommendation takes into account several criteria:

  • What are the products already bought by this customer?
  • What are the (categories of) products purchased by other customers who have purchased these same products?
  • What are the products that have been visited on the website without being purchased?

With Octolis, you can activate an easy -to -customize product recommendation score.
For each client, you will get new columns with:

  • The list of IDS Products to be recommended as a priority,
  • The list of product categories to be recommended as a priority,
  • Images, names, product description to recommend.

These new columns will be synchronized in real time in your emailing / marketing automation tool so that you can use them as personalization variables in your emails.

What are the main use cases?

  • Web personalization: Push recommended products at different stages of the web user journey, in a dynamic block of certain pages, or in a popup.
  • Any channel: Most touch points in the customer journey can be used to up-sell or cross-sell to your existing customers (outbound phone calls, postal mail promotion, etc.)
  • Impact
    ⭐⭐Retention rate, LTV
    Data sources
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    • Transactions
      Marketing Automation

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