Enrich your prospects’ CRM records with web behavior

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To be relevant to each interaction, your salespeople need to have a maximum of context on each prospect.
In this regard, the pages visited are a gold mine. If a salesperson knows that the prospect visited the “Alpha offer” page and the “Entreprise” page, he can adjust his speech to take it into account.

Some CRM tools (like HubSpot) allow you to natively recover the pages visited by each prospect, but there are limits:

  • The matching rate is low. A large part of the prospects are not recognized, and therefore the pages visited on the website do not appear.
  • Impossible to make fields calculated from the pages visited, for example: number of web visits over the last 7 days, number of pages visited, etc.
  • And above all, all CRM softwares do not offer this feature.

With Octolis, you can enrich your CRM records with website interactions very easily.
1. Extract the pages visited from Google Analytics 4 (through BigQuery)
2. Add for each individual computed fields based on pages visite
3. Enrich your CRM with these fields in real time.

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  • Pages visited via BigQuery

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