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To improve your customer satisfaction, you still need to know who your unhappy customers are.

Thanks to Octolis, you can easily identify unhappy customers from customer service tickets, and offer them a gesture.

In concrete terms, how does that work ?
1. You connect your customer service tool (Zendesk, Freshdesk, ..) to Octolis.
2. For each Insvidu, you add calculated fields based on customer service data for example: number of tickets over the last x days, list of contact reasons, status of the last ticket, average of the notes associated with each ticket , etc.
3. You create a score to assess the level of satisfaction. Generally, we make a tailor -made score that combines parameters such as contact and notes.
4. You send the “level of satisfaction” score to your marketing tools.
5. You create a marketing automation scenario to send an offer (or just a word) to all customers whose level of satisfaction is less than X. The scenario must be triggered only once.

It is also possible to synchronize this list of unhappy customers with other tools. From Octolis, you can supply for example a Google Spreadsheet which can be used to call unhappy customers.

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