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Most CRM officials spend a lot of time carrying out email campaigns to present new products. The main challenge on this subject is to target individuals who can be interested in these products. We still see a lot of companies shooting their whole customer base every week to present all the new products.

Thanks to Octolis, it is possible to easily assess the level of appetite of each individual at each product category. The interest is to be able to easily target the top X% of customers who have an appetite for a product category.

Concretely, how is it going?
1. Add a “Apperture XYZ Product category” score on each individual. The higher the scoring, the better the probability that the individual buy a product in this category is high. This out of 10 scores will be based on purchasing history, correlations between products, and the pages visited. This is a notation in “decile”, that is to say that 10% of your base will have a score of 10, 20% of your basic will have a note of 9 or 10, etc.
2. Send these appetite scores to your Email / Marketing Automation in real time
3. Create ad-hoc segments on each campaign. You can target for example the top 30% of customers appetites to the XYZ category by choosing those whose appetite score is greater than 8.

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