Follow-up with repeat buyers at the best time

  • Retention

Repeat customers may represent a significant part of your revenues. To generate more revenues from your repeat customers, you need follow-up with them at the relevant timing, when a message may trigger a new purchase.
This imply to segment your repeat buyers according to their progression in the purchasing journey, to know if the buyer is ahead or late on his usual purchase journey. For example, if a customer buys on average every 6 months, and he has not bought for 8 months, he is late compared to his usual cycle, and it may be a good timing to follow-up with him.

With Octolis, you will have a new column for each customer indicating his position in the usual purchase. Customers are gathered in several segments: recent purchase, soon reached, late, very late, and inactive.

This segmentation could be broken down by product categories, which is very relevant when there are some categories with lot of produits purchased on regular basis.

What are the main use cases?

  • Stimulate the re-purchase of “late” customers by setting up specific triggers or reactivation campaigns.
  • Implement more aggressive anti-churn actions across multiple channels (outbound phone call, postal mail, carrier pigeon, ..) for significantly late and inactive customers.
  • Analyze the share of early and late customers by product category, customer cohort, etc.
⭐⭐Retention rate, LTV
Data sources
  • Customer
  • Transactions
  • Marketing Automation
  • Google / Facebook Ads
  • Autres canaux de réactivation

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