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Acquisition costs are soaring (+60% over the last 5 years according to a Profitwell study). Optimizing your ROAS (Return on Ad Spent) is now a key dimension of your business model, especially for mid-market players who have to fight with smaller marketing budgets than bigger brands.

By using the socio-demographic and behavioral criteria (age, gender, geographic location, habits, interests, behaviors, browsing history…) that define your top customers, you will improve your campaign performance by targeting people who are more likely to become good customers.

This implies exporting customers from your ERP or website back office, going through the technical or data team to combine the data, and then manually importing the segments into Google/Facebook.
This is a time-consuming process that limits the regular updating of segments and the accuracy of segmentation.

With Octolis, this approach can be easily automated :

  • Create an audience from the Contact and purchase table,
  • Segment to keep only those contacts who have spent more than X€ per year (top 20% of your customers for example),
  • Sync this segment with Google / Facebook on a daily basis.

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