Prioritize passive customers to reactivate by phone

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The reactivation of passive customers is a big lever to generate new sales. The email follow-up is not enough. To reactivate a large share of your passive customers, you must use several channels, and adjust your efforts according to the potential of each customer.

This means segment your customers according to their purchase history (ideally with RFM segmentation) and put a greater effort to reactivate your “big” passive customers. Concretely, this means to follow-up large customers 5 times, and only 2 times the smaller customers, but also call and/or send a letter to large customers, and only follow-up emails to smaller ones, etc.

With Octolis, you can easily orchestrate multichannel passive customers reactivation.

  • Create a segment to identify the “big” passive customers,
  • Add a priorization score,
  • Synchronize the segment in real time to different tools.

If you are considering costly reactivation levers (telephone call, mail, etc.) for large passive customers, prioritization becomes essential. You have to easily choose the top x customers to be recalled as a priority.
In my segment of large passive customers, I will add a score based on their cumulative CA x number of purchases to classify them.

Once the score is added, you can synchronize this segment with the tool used by people who will recall. It can be Google Spreadsheet, Salesforce, Zendesk, etc.

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